We think of William Randolph Hearst as the newspaper mogul whispering Rosebud to an empty room, but the family fortune started with land. The late Truman Collins was a lumberman who became the largest private landholder in Pennsylvania before his death in 1914. In 2014, the family-owned Port Blakely Mill Company will celebrate its sesquicentennial. Land: Operates 825,000 acres of cattle ranches and 60,000 acres of farms in South Texas; thousands of acres in Florida producing orange juice, sugar cane, sod, sweet corn and green beans. Kroenke is married to Ann Walkton Kroenke, an heiress to the Wal-Mart fortune. 301,500 acres 44, with 277,000 acres of ranches that fuel the family's cattle and oil interests. This put them at the top of the list for the largest landowners in New Mexico. 275,000 acres 213,730 acres An advertisement VanderSloott took out in Idaho Falls Post Register accused a reporter of bringing personal politics to a report on child molestation in a local Boy Scout troop when the reporter had not made his sexuality public. as well as other partner offers and accept our. 31. Our list of the 10 largest landowners in the U.S. in 2020 is based on the data from Land Report. Family members maintain a long-time lumber company. Remember the great railroad and cattle barons of the 19th century? Roughly equal to: Five times the size of Chicago. Thomas OConnor started digging artesian wells for his cattle during the drought of the 1880s, but hit oil as often as water. Doesnt hold back on the adjectives when describing his prize herd of Hereford-Angus cattle. 1,250,000 acres John C. Malone has been in the cable. 40. The Briscoes operation spreads over nine Texas counties and three Briscoe generations. Irving family:1.2 million acres in Maine. Land: Kelleys properties span Texas, New Mexico, and Florida and are used to breed rare species of animals. At their production sale, the Powell Family promises cows with, a heavily muscled quarter with a thick loin designed for maximum performance. What luck. He has used portions of those settlement to buy three ranches where he hunts, raises cattle, and one might hope, doesnt smoke. We have no idea what those Spanish writings say. Galt family:262,000 acres in Montana, including the Martinsdale Ranch. Other than buying and selling financial institutions at huge markups, Ford has a deep love of the land. While this list only includes privately held land, nearly all of it serves some commercial purpose from farming and ranching to logging and renewable energy production. His Anschutz Entertainment Group is also the worlds largest owner and operator of sports and entertainment venues. Williams made the mistake of likening rape to bad weather (If its inevitable, just relax and enjoy it) and faced accusations of going to a Mexican brothel called the Chicken Ranch while in college. All told, Buck owns 925,000 acres. They use their land for timber, sand and gravel, and oil extraction. Land: Ranches and oilfields throughout Texas. Together, his family owns 390,000 acres. Read on to find out about the top landowners in New Mexico. According the company, it turns out that Frac Techs specialty-hydraulic fracturing is one of the two drivers powering the U.S. energy renaissance. These cookies do not store any personal information. CNN founder Ted Turner is the second biggest land owner, with 2 million acres of land in New Mexico, South Dakota, Nebraska and Georgia. And then there are the individuals, including Shannon Kizer, who owns 302,000 acres in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. 150,000 acres Roughly equal to: Half the size of Lake Ontario. 19. The cable billionaire from Denver added two properties in Wellington, the epicenter of South Floridas equestrian community, and an Irish castle with a solid set of stables. 180,000 acres 255,000 acres They welcome guests to hunt, fish, or go on photography safaris.. Real estate mogul and owner of the Los Angeles Rams, Stan Kroenke, owns 1.4 million acres of land in the United States, including a 124,000 acre ranch in Montana and additional land in Wyoming. Kizer's farming and ranching operations produce peanuts, corn, wheat, dairy and cattle. Billy Green still oversees the ranch from Albany, Texas, which won the 2002 American Quarter Horse Association Best Remuda Award. The Austin-based family partnership climbed the rankings with a couple of add-ons to their New Mexico and Texas ranches. For a basic sense of how the world of ultra-massive real estate has changed, heres one fact: Between 2012 and 2013, the top 100 added 700,000 acres to their collective portfolios, bringing their total to two percent of the U.S. land mass. Family patriarch Sid Richardson once owned oil fields from Texas to Louisiana, but St. Josephs Island of the Gulf Coast of Texas was his prize. 150,000 acres Maybe deer and the antelope can play with Angus steers. The family still operates two ranches in Texas, but no word on what kind of fencing they use. (The other? 150,000 acres 2,000,000+ acres She runs the popular Pioneer Woman blog under the slogan, Plowing through life in the country one calf nut at a time. Which probably does not make her blog, like, particularly popular with calves. The former media tycoon made his wealth building the company Tele-Communications Inc., or TCI, which he sold to AT&T for $50 billion 20 years ago. Their land is primarily made of up six cattle ranches in Utah. 255,000 acres His properties include the 11,830 Broseco Ranch, which contains two lakes that are 100 acres in size. Ralph R. Ortega For Dailymail.com, 443,091 acres in Idaho. Their historic 55,709-acre Rockpile Ranch in Far West Texas is listed for $54.8 million. LBJ Library from Austin / public domain License. His book, A Forest for the Trees, documents the history of Maines Baskahegan Watershed from resettlement to 1982. Stefan Soloviev:325,077 acres in New Mexico, Kansas and Texas. Background: Gerald Lyda's success in construction and land development in the 70s allowed him to return to ranching and amass over 900,000 acres within his lifetime. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and are used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Then theres the Department of Defense handling 4.6% of the land. From Ted Turner to Jeff Bezos to the federal government, New Mexico has some of the biggest landowners in the nation. Jack Simplot was a potato farmer who forged a deal with the former CEO of McDonald's to supply the restaurant chain with french fries. The Nunleys are a ranching family particularly proud of their genetics program around Santa Gertrudis Cattle and the size of the deer on their Texas ranches. Killam family: 277,000 acres, mostly ranches in Texas and Oregon and oil operations in Louisiana, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, and Texas. Family members have oil interests. 175,000 acres King Ranch heirs: 911,215 acres inTexas. Land: Holdings in many states. Stimson family:552,000 acres in Montana and Oregon. Following are the 10 largest landowners in the U.S. in 2020: King Ranch Inc. (911,215 acres) King Ranch is the largest ranch in Texas, and is located between Corpus Christi and Brownsville. The family-run business has earned high praise from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. A good old picture of the American heartland. Roughly equal to: Ten times the size of Washington, D.C. Background: The main cash cow for King Ranch remains ranching and farming but it has also expanded into publishing, retail and eco-tourism. Others are self-made millionaires, including John Malone, who just purchased the 290,000 acre Bell Ranch back in August. Climbed the rankings this year by adding land between Dallas and Waco to his Texas panhandle holdings. , updated Background: According to Forbes, Kelley founded a tobacco company in 1990 and sold it for $1 billion in 2001. 2023 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. 200,000 acres Contact the AZ Animals editorial team. 2. Their properties include the massive La Escalera ranch in far West Texas. Estimates were based on information from published reports, online databases, tax records and information provided by various land owners. 200,000 acres The combined landholdings belonged to former Texas governor, the late Dolph Briscoe Jr. 12. Land: Ranchlands and farms in Texas and Florida. Horton owns over half a million acres of land. Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke has even more land, coming in at No. Its the fifth-largest in the nation. By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. 9, owns more than twice as much as Bezos. Stan Kroenke: 1.4 million acres in Montana and Wyoming. Roughly equal to: Half the size of Rhode Island. 11. Of the many fowls he has sired, the family says, we havent found anything we dont like about them.. His space firm Blue Origin uses it to test. Roughly equal to: The size of Hong Kong. Other than Montana Ranches, the Wilks have a firm called Frac Tech. The land conservancy act will protect more than 500 species of vertebrates. Bezos has also invested millions of dollars into the development of Spaceport America. However, a media tycoon is America's largest landowner. Errol Galt is the former Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Game commissioner. Collier was the largest landholder in the state at the time of his death. 310,472 acres Anne Marion: 275,000 acres in Texas, including the famous 6666, or "Four Sixes" cattle ranch in the Southern Panhandle, which is close to 150 years old. The amount of land owned by the federal government has stayed steady since 1990, with a slight decline of -0.3%. The largest landowner in America owns 2,200,000 acres, located largely in Maine, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. Today, between his fifth, sixth, and seventh generation of descendants, Pingree's heirs own some 830,000 acres mostly in Maine through Seven Islands Land Co., a lumber company. Background: The Pingree family's fortune in timber began in the mid 1800s and has conserved more than three quarters of a million acres of Maine forestland -- a block larger than the size of Rhode Island. Babacomari Ranch Elgin, Ariz. His aerospace firm Blue Origin uses the land to test space vehicles. Learn more about the scenic state of New Mexico with the articles below. Learn how your comment data is processed. Family membersoperate ranches. The Irving family is the sixth largest private landholder in the United States. Clayton was set to bring his cowboy image to the Texas governorship until a set of gaffs derailed the campaign in 1990. His purchase of the Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa brings tourists closer to two of his landmark properties and, ya know, space. Through Sierra Pacific, the family owns some 2 million acres in California and Washington. Have some feedback for us? 625,000 acres 384,000 acres Doesnt run nearly the profile of her father, Wilard Garvey, who bought the ranch. Sumary of Meet the 3 Largest Landowners in New Mexico:New Mexico top landowners are shaping the future of this unique state, making it a mind-blowing place to live, work, and play.You could plan the ultimate fishing trip or hike in the state stunning National Parks.There so much private land, too, with nearly 50 acres for every person in the state.Learn more about the scenic state of New . His marriage to Ann Walkton Kroenke, an heir to the Wal-Mart fortune, likely adds to his good fortune. Bird populations:Here's how we can save them. A forest products firm with Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests in California, Oregon and West Virginia California, Oregon, West Virginia, and one of the largest private holdings in Pennsylvania. The family also owns San Jose Island on the Texas Gulf Coast. Singleton family: 1.1 million acres in New Mexico and California. Andrew Tate, the violent, high-profile, virulently misogynistic pro-Trump social media influencer currently imprisoned and under investigation by Romanian authorities due to allegations of. 15. 4. David Fasken, a Canadian lawyer, bought the massive C Ranch from the Texas General Land Office in 1913. Roger Milliken takes his relationship with his familys land pretty seriously. Background: Robert Earl Holding's success began in the oil industry where he owns three refineries and bought Sinclair Oil in 1976. The Emmersons have transferred 6% of that chunk to the public since Curly Emerson founded the company in 1949. Whether its leasing land for renewable energy, agriculture, or commercial use, Commissioner Garcia Richard works with landowners. Family members are mostly cattle ranchers. New Mexico, Texas, Florida, and Oregon. They love tradition. Ted Turners holdings make him one of the top private landowners in New Mexico. Malone made his fortune as a media tycoon, building the company Tele-Communications, Inc, or TCI, and acting as its CEO before selling it to AT&T for $50 billion in 1999. McDonald family: 474,000 acres in Alabama, Florida, and Oklahoma but the majority of the family's land holdings are in Maine. Brad Maurice Kelley (born 1956) is an American businessman who is the 7th largest landowner in the U.S., with an estimated net worth of US$2.2 billion in 2018. The Singleton family owns 1,110,000 acres in New Mexico and California. largest landowners in louisiana. The foundation now protects land all across the Ozarks. Discover the Little-Known U.S. River Gorge That's, The 9 Best Books About National Parks for Travelers, Discover 8 Extinct Animals from New Mexico, Meet the 4 Largest Land Owners in Arizona, The 15 Deepest Lakes in the United States. Family members runlumber, newspapers, and petrochemicals businesses. The family's 1.1 million acres of land also includes land in California. Its also home to some of the biggest landowners in the country. His holdings include the 292,779 acre Great Western Ranch in New Mexico and Camp Horton, a ranch near Fort Stockton, Texas, where he hosts a children's summer camp. Brothers Farris and Dan Wilks started off with Frac Tech, a natural gas extraction company in 2002, and sold it for $3.5 billion in 2011. 560,000 acres John Malone:2.2 million acres inMaine, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. 36. The 40 Largest Private Landowners in New Mexico Nos. Today, his living family members own over 311,000 acres of land in northern California and western Pennsylvania. and J.E. 163,800 acres Much of the land is in Texas. The Emmerson family owns and operates Sierra Pacific Industries, a company that logs usable lumber after forest fires and sells it to lumber retailers. Below are the nuts and bolts of the list along with some extra insights. 244,332 acres 20. We can only imagine what the state will look like in the coming years! Roughly equal to: Three times the size of Guam. largest landowners in louisiana. 1. A logging family with a state-of-the-art $30 million softwood sawmill in Ashland, Maine. And the land, while private, is still use for commercial purposes, the 24/7 Wall Street investigation found. The family behind logging company Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) with land holdings twice the size of Rhode Island.