With the arrival of their daughter, Carla felt the walls of their cramped townhouse closing in and believes that there is nowhere to grow, but out! John wants Hilary to create the space for their family to grow, while Rebecca wants David to simply find them the perfect home. For Jennifer, the house still feels like a bachelor pad and just doesnt work for their family of five. 19 seasons. But as their family grew from four to five it became clear that space in their artistically adorned abode wasnt adding up, a fact that split this couple down the middle. One year later, the limited work Dan has done to make it reach that potential has pushed Delilah out the door. Can Hilary transform their house into the accessible space Brian believes It can be? As their stuff stacked up, so did Davids issues with the family home. However, Brigida is too entrenched in her community to feel moving is a possibility. Masako on the other hand feels there are too many things to do and its easier and more beneficial to move. Or will David convince Calum that suburban sized space is the key to this familys happiness? Realizing that the house has some major flaws, Ryan wants to pack up and find a place that is perfect, but Sarah has become attached to this house and has no intention of moving. While Valerie loved the unique style, Sam has regretted this decision from the minute they moved in. Fast forward a few years and now Joi, Dawayne, their two kids and his mother share the space while coping with daily, Over a decade ago, Shelly and Zahid purchased a spacious home that needed many upgrades, but had a great view overlooking their backyard, showcasing Zahids favorite feature, their large pond. Now 20 years old and over six feet tall Brandon and his mom cant continue to live in a home thats become overcrowded from top to bottom. The HGTV show "Love It or List It" was sued by North Carolina homeowners Deena Murphy and Tim Sullivan after they accused the show's production company, Big Coat TV, of breach of contract . Valerie wants Sam to keep an open mind and is certain that a few changes will have a large impact on their home and daily life. They loved the beautiful, large lot, the three-car garage and how private the house felt despite its close proximity to downtown, Susanne and Brian bought their home nearly ten years ago before they had a family. Niru and Alok have been living in their so-called starter home for eight years. She is desperate for a life free of renovations while Aaron has grown attached to the space hes poured 10 years of blood, sweat and tears into. But Catherine loves this houseit is where she has fought and won the toughest battle of her life! Upon arriving they discovered it was far smaller than the wide-angled real estate photos had suggested. With her limited budget, will Hilary be able to turn their cave into a castle and make it Jennifers dream home? Will Hilary be able to create the comforts of home that will convince Kim to stay or will David find a smaller more suitable place for this conflicted couple. Or will David coax this couple outside their neighborhood to a home with the perfect combo of heart and function? Their love affair with their house started almost immediately. Hilary must pull off a major kitchen renovation and try to undo some seriously shoddy workmanship, while David must find a character home with a large yard within the same neighborhood. However, Breanne loves the chaos and feels that, After looking at dozens of properties, Ken and Mark settled on a cabin-like home in the woods that was only minutes from downtown. Initially Maria fell in love with the vaulted ceilings, large kid rooms, basement and what they thought was an abundance of space. However the house was a disaster, and upon entering Cole immediately hated the choppy layout of the space. Will David find them a family ready home with enough space to stretch out or will Hilary expand their outlook by reinventing many of the homes hotly debated spaces. Over a short period of time they discovered that owning an older home would mean battling with flooded basements, leaky roofs and a whole host of other deficiencies. Can Hilary wipe the slate clean and create a master bedroom and renovated basement that could win Kristas heart? They have only completed minor do it yourself renovations since moving in a decade ago, Lindsay is very sentimental about her grandmothers house that she purchased from her family. 63 talking about this. When all members of the Jaswal family pooled their money for a new home, function took the back seat to form. Krista, on the other hand, is attached to the house shes brought her babies home to and knows they havent tapped this homes true potential. Music venue owner, Kevin, purchased this house without his pregnant wife, Nevada, ever walking inside. Hilary tries to customize this home for Paul to make it more modern while David searches for the perfect updated place to convince Pam its worth the move. Over time, Dave noticed the limitations of their home, Steve and Lesley found their home online after researching the top towns to live, work and raise a family in. brick home with a lot of charm, but within months of moving in learned the house needed Life is about to get even more hectic with baby number four on the way, and Phil feels their three-bedroom house can barely contain the family as it is. Although cosmetically it needed help, the couple felt the home had great bones and was in the perfect area to start a family. Rod is dodging toys in his basement office space and Jennifer would love the ability to relax in her old and tired en suite bathtub at the end of a hectic day. relationship but has not been able to mend the issues of their house. After 30 years of raising their kids in their 2200 square foot suburban home, the walls are closing in around Irene while husband Marcos believes it can be fixed to accommodate their multi-generational family. The Kowaliks are now left with an abundance ofspace, not to mention rising costs. them to buy their first house and put down roots. John and Rebecca rushed blindly to buy a house just in time to start a family. They loved the curb appeal, the lovely lake location and most of all, the cozy interior. A mother of three boys is ready to leave the three-bedroom house theyve called home for eight years. The question is, will Hillary be able to convert this former bachelor pad into a fully functioning home for Jennifer or will David find the perfect home that finally will convince Rod its time to go. That's right, the series airs in Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina. Desperate for a home that combines urban functionality for Shana and car ready space for Jeremy the couple will have to decide, can they love this home again, or will they list it? Vince and Jennifer bought their home when it perfectly fit their family of five. They want to start a family and while Jody strongly feels they can fix up their home to make it ready for kids, Emilee does not. Will David find them a home that will function forever or will Hilary make them fall in love by reinventing many of the homesfunctionally flawed spaces? Restaurateurs Becky and Junior have been so busy for the last few years, their family of four has been living in the basement of their three-story centrally located home. Episode List. It took more than a year of court appearances, but Deena, Sully, and Big Coat TV ultimately settled out of court. Season 11, Episode 11, "A Couple Is Torn Between Fixing Up Their Home in the City or . Blended family Sandra and Sharon are at odds over their bungalow. Now the battle has found its way to Hilary and David who have their work cut out for them, scaling unrealistic expectations at home and a fear of relocation abroad, on their quest to unite this family under one mutually agreed upon roof. Bert moved into Tommys eclectic 1980s contemporary home with a little too much personality for his liking, Jill and Joe purchased their 1,400 sq ft ranch home because it had plenty of space with a nice deck leading out to a pool. Will Hilary be able to tackle the monumental task of creating the bedrooms the Mitchells so badly require or will David find a home that already fits this growing family? As soon as Jamelle and Lauren found a house in a neighborhood they adored, they made a very fast purchasing decision. VOD. Joe and Linhs ravine-backed home would have been out of reach financially if not for its location on one of the busiest streets in the city. Graphic designer, Dave loves the feel of the house but Sonya is, fed up with the issues that constantly appear. Or will David find the space that allows them to blend seamlessly? The ample space outside no longer makes up for the cramped quarters inside. Hilary looks to give them a beautiful upgrade with space for salsa dancing, while David aims to find them a new home with room to party. Can Hilary resuscitate the love for the seemingly unreachable Rita? Single dad Rick met and fell in love with Christine, which turned his family of three into a family of five. Watch Under Construction . Hilary and David compete for the affections of homeowners deciding whether to renovate or move. Emily and Ryan both moved from out of state leaving loving friends and family behind. However after a year in the home, their daughter Parker arrived and the family started feeling the crunch. Kevvie and Nicole bought their fantasy 70s style dream house only to find that dream full of problems. With their bungalow bursting and a new baby due any day, the Gallaghers are in serious need of a domestic do-over. LaShawn is desperate for a home with more spaceand better function for her family; Lola, however, has no plans of uprooting again, after having just moved in. A mother lives in this 3 bedroom 1990's home with her 3 sons. For the last 16 years she has been living in what still feels like Bobs bachelor pad. She has simply had enough of life without any privacy and feels she needs a space all to herself, Power couple Jon and Melissa work hard and play hard. Can Hilary transform their homestead? Use a map to determine if your house would qualify for the show. Hilary Farr and David Visentin will face off in eight new episodes of "Love It or List It." The HGTV series premieres on Monday, September 12, 2022, at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times. Nikki convinced Josh to purchase this house because it was three doors down from his childhood home, Two years ago, Andrew and Christina bought their current house. Jamelle loved the office/dropzone space off the garage, and all the potential the 2,500 square foot house had to offer them and their daughter. With Kira and Andrew planning to add another little one to the family, can Hilary make the Thomsons main floor a more family functional space or will David be able to persuade this frustrated couple to go? It was nine years ago when Tim and Tarquin Singh found what they thought was their ideal family home. Lucky for them, Melissa found a foreclosure that was priced well under market value, Real Estate Broker, Aaron was always on the lookout for a perfect family house at a great price. He has gone so far as to demo the bathroom to make her happy, but they havent been able to agree on a newfloor plan. With a growing family Allison needs more space, while Chris is attached to his hood. When it finally did, the Mitchells immediately purchased it knowing it was spacious enough for their family of four. Will David find them a home with wide open spaces or will Hilary make, them fall in love all over again by reinventing many of the homes hotly debated, Marty and Shannan inherited a century old farmhouse on a large property that, hosts the familys summer music camp. Hilary will have to completely reconfigure their second floor to make Andrea stay while David will have to find immaculate, family sized space to convince Brian to move. But soon everything changed for her, Vann and Caroline spent many years admiring a quaint house on the hill from just next door. Phil and Kelly are an over-extended couple who are busy rearing their three energetic kids. This is the digital hub for Big Coat Productions. With Martine and David itching for the ease of a project free home, Eddie has no choice but to put his faith in Hilary, but when things get heated, this hard working handy man will need to learn to trust his team or risk losing his dream home forever. Several years after purchasing their urban row-house, Matt and Kelly make no bones about becoming completely divided over its future. now that they have four, the house feels cramped and cluttered and their tiny kitchen It had great historic character and plenty of room for the two of them and Danas mother, and they managed to make the house work despite all its shortcomings. Blinded by the beauty of the ravine backed yard, the Browns rushed to buy their cute urban cottage. Episode: 1x01 | Airdate: Sep 8, 2008 1x01 | Airdate: Sep 8, 2008 Michael wants to downsize and find another home while Jeffery feels they have all the space they need and wants to stay put. To be eligible for the show in Canada, you'll need to own a house that's an hour away from Vancouver. The kitchen is cramped and dated, there is no private space for Lola or the kids to relax or for LaShawn to work from home, and LaShawn shares the master suite with her mother. Now that some of the minor work is done and the value has increased significantly, the homeowners are divided over its future. Gerard and Laka are in the process of expanding their family by adopting a child and their home could work against them if it doesnt meet the adoption requirements. After repeatedly being outbid in the real-estate market, Cole and Ashley took an aggressive gamble and purchased their first home sight unseen in an up and coming neighborhood. The show is also called "Love It Or List It Too" (in the United States) and currently has a 6.7 rating on IMDB based on 614 voters (via IMDB). However, after only one year, the Prestons are starting to feel the country charm is wearing off. A confusing kitchen layout, dysfunctional main bathroom and closets, and a lack of a private office space for her, had her regretting the purchase. Though it was in a desirable neighborhood, it was the worst house on the block and they were able to get it for a great price. This is where toughness combines with great looks. Travis and Drew are divided over their 1980s ranch home. Healthy Start . Over time Christina fell in love with the area and was quite pleased that the family had more time to spend together without the long daily, commute. Bruce knows they cant continue to live with the lack of bedrooms, cramped kitchen and zero dining space, while Sue is convinced the only house shes ever owned can become the only house theyll ever need. Season 1 No Way To Go But Up. There have been several complaints that the series is scripted, so let us examine them one at a time.